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I discovered Trixie Belden during a week-long stay at the home of family friends when I was ten years old. The book was well worn; so well worn, in fact, that the front cover was hanging on by a thread. It didn't matter. It was Trixie Belden and The Mysterious Code, and I was hooked. Luckily, my local library had numbers one through twenty-one. Since then, I have established my own collection by frequenting garage sales and used book stores. Through the years I have come to enjoy the Trixie Belden books more each time I read them. Characteristics such as selflessness, generosity, loyalty, and perseverance such as the Bob Whites exemplify never grow old, and I hope to never outgrow them. This fan fiction is a tribute to the characters I love.

I've participated in several writing challenges through Jixemitri. Below are some of the badges I've earned.



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CWE #3 Winner CWE #7 Winner CWE #8 Winner CWE #9 Writer CWE #10 Winner
CWE #11 Winner CWE #12 Winner Jix CWC 27 Picture Challenge badge Jix CWE 22 winner  
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