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new buttonO Little Town of Sleepyside  A glimpse into the life of one of Sleepyside’s more reclusive residents. Originally posted on Boxing Day, 2016, as a surprise story written especially for the lovely BonnieH.  yellow star

buttonRough Winds and the Darling Buds of May  Why was Moms so upset about the loss of Crabapple Farm's dogwood trees in the "horrorcane" that occurred during Mystery Off Glen Road? Rated purple star for emotional content.  purple star

buttonGood King Wenceslas  Matthew Wheeler and Tom Delanoy go hunting in the preserve and encounter a unique resident. blue star

buttonWay Leads on to Way  Jim Frayne has graduated from high school, and faces some difficult choices. But first, there's the summer to enjoy.  yellow star

 buttonYou Don't Know Me  The other six Bob-Whites visit Jim at the University of Virginia.  yellow star

buttonPick Me Up  Dan and Trixie look up at the stars from the bed of an old pickup truck on an autumn evening. Written for the Jixemitri CWE #3 challenge, "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words."  yellow star

buttonHalloween Apples  Trixie and Dan are dateless on Halloween, but Trixie has volunteered their help with a Halloween party.  yellow star

buttonA Valentine's Day to Remember  Trixie and Dan are again dateless, so they take in a movie at the Cameo on Valentine's Day.  yellow star

buttonThe Straight Arrow  A swashbuckling tale of adventure on the high seas, with an impulsive yet courageous heroine, and a brooding - but possibly honourable - pirate!   yellow star

new buttonTen Acres Adrift  Please join the crew of the Straight Arrow as they sail into their most dangerous sea yet. Originally written for the Dance with Cancer fundraiser in honour of Amy. Chapter 1 publicly posted on September 19, 2018--Talk Like a Pirate Day, of course! Arrrrgh!   yellow star

buttonGifted  Jim explores the ramifications of being Gifted. Along the way, he encounters an evil force and a stranger who may be a friend... or a rival.  yellow star

buttonQuando, Quando, Quando  Trixie makes a solo visit to Jim at the University of Virginia, and Jim has a question on his mind.   yellow star

buttonSuit Up, Boy!  Mr. Maypenny is unable to volunteer as Santa at the hospital. Can the Bob-Whites find a new Santa?   yellow star

buttonThe Right Words  Mart must choose a birthday gift for Diana, and write a message on the card. It's not as easy as he'd hoped. Originally posted June 19, 2015 as a CWE#11, Mary's Marvelous Mart Month honoring Mcarey. Takes place a few years before the events of Persuasion and is a prequel to Epiphany.   yellow star

buttonEpiphany  Set a few years before the events of Persuasion, the genesis of Diana’s hidden life is revealed. Originally posted for my fifth anniversary as a Jix Author, this story is also a birthday gift for my editor, Dianafan.   yellow star

buttonPersuasion  The Bob-Whites are grown up and established in careers as the story begins. What happens when Trixie’s career collides with her personal life? A whole lot of persuading, that’s what. Please join our former Schoolgirl Shamus as she begins a new and exciting adventure.   yellow star

buttonVisiting Hours  A short moment in time that takes place between chapters 24 and 25 of Persuasion. The Bob-Whites cope with a stressful wait in different ways.   yellow star

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