You have entered my Trixie Belden fanfiction home. Here, you will find my stories about schoolgirl shamus Trixie Belden and the Bob-Whites of the Glen. My main universe begins shortly after the end of the series, with Trixie, Honey, and Diana sophomores in high school; Mart and Dan are juniors. Jim Frayne and Brian Belden have entered college at age seventeen. All current stories fall within guidelines for a Jixemitri yellow-star rating, although future stories may be passworded for content.

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In the Blink of an Eye
This is my main universe. It starts with Jim and Brian in college; the Bob-White girls are fifteen and sophomores in high school. Mart and Dan are juniors.

Holiday Stories
A selection of stories that take place around the winter holidays. Some are Secret Santa giftfics, some are not. Enjoy!

Something Spooky This Way Comes
Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays! Here you'll find a selection of eerie and haunting Bob-White tales that take place at Halloween.

Bagatelle means "a mere trifle". This section contains stories that don't fit into my other universe(s), and group projects. Stories may or may not reflect traditional pairings.

A Rose by Any Other Name
A Shakespearean-themed universe that would have the Bard himself chuckling as the Bob-whites and friends find themselves in some ticklish predicaments.

About the Author
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Non-Trixie writing
Quarter Shy of 10A Quarter Shy of Ten
The home for my fanfiction featuring characters from the wizarding world of Harry Potter. All stories are standalone.

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