Something Spooky This Way Comes stories

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays! I hope you enjoy this selection of eerie, spooky, and haunting stories that take place at Halloween.

new button Fateful Parings  Honey participates reluctantly in some extra-curricular learning at boarding school. Originally posted October 30, 2022.  yellow star

new button Scent and Scentability  Dan’s been hiding his secrets well, but when Trixie follows her nose, nothing stops her for long. Originally posted October 30, 2022.  yellow star

button As a Matter of Pack  It turns out Dan and Mr. Maypenny have more in common than they realized. Originally posted October 30, 2021.  yellow star

button The Christening Cup  It's just a christening cup, right? Trixie she discovers that sometimes, there’s more than meets the eye. Originally posted October 31, 2020.  purple star

button One of Us  Join Trixie and the rest of the Bob-Whites as they discover the perils of group costumes. Originally posted for Halloween 2019; an entry for Jix CWC #10, Ryl and Mal's Vampire Challenge.  blue star

button Angry Birds  Legend has it that there is a flock of angry red birds that are capable of taking revenge on humans who have hurt other people. In this story, Dan has an encounter with some angry birds. Originally posted for Halloween 2017.  yellow star

button The Wild Hunt  Regan takes a midnight ride. Originally posted for Mal and Ryl's Annual Halloween Challenge, October 31, 2016.   yellow star

button Flowers Say It Best  There are omens all around for those who can read them. Originally posted for Mal and Ryl's Halloween Challenge, October 31, 2015.   yellow star

button Electric  Someone comes to a bad end. Written for Jixemitri's Circle Writing Event #12, Die, Villain, Die!, this story was originally posted on October 25, 2015.  purple star

button Grim  Frank Lytell has always been a grim, grim man. Originally posted for Mal and Ryl's Halloween Challenge, October 31, 2014.   yellow star

button Catalyst  Dan and Trixie encounter a black cat in the preserve on a late October evening. Written for Mal and Ryl's Annual Halloween Challenge and originally posted October 27, 2013.  yellow star

button A Helping Hand  Exhausted and overwhelmed, emergency resident physician Brian Belden faces his beggest challenge yet...on his own. Or is he? Posted for Mal and Ryl's Fourth Annual Halloween Writing Challenge and originally posted October 15, 2012.  yellow star

button A Process of Elimination  Trixie is positive that someone has a secret. Will she figure it out? Submitted for Ryl and Mal’s 3rd Annual Halloween Challenge, 2011. yellow star

button The Cool Ones  For Ryl and Mal's Second Annual Halloween Writing Challenge, I wrote a spoof based on the scene from Twilight where Jacob tells Bella the story of “The Cold Ones”. Link will take you to the Halloween Writing Challenge home at Mal's site. Enjoy Mal's super-cool graphics as you read! blue star

button  Bright Lights After a fun evening at a dance, Trixie is driving home alone. Or is she? Written for the Jix Halloween Writing Challenge of 2009; link will take you to the Halloween Writing Challenge home at Mal's site. yellow star

button  Ties That Bind  There's a stranger in Sleepyside, and he's determined to get back something that belongs to him. Can the Bob-Whites foil his plan? This Halloween group story was written by Team RoMaRyl - the lovely Ronda (Rolyru), Mary N (Dianafan), and me! yellow star
button  Halloween Apples Trixie and Dan are dateless on Halloween, but Trixie has volunteered their help with a Halloween party.  yellow star

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