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Non-universe stories, taking place around the winter holidays. Some are Secret Santa giftfics, some aren't. Enjoy!

new button A Mouse in the House  Crabapple Farm had stretchy walls long before Trixie! A Secret Santa giftfic written especially for the lovely Marnie, and originally posted December 20, 2022;  blue star

button The Boar's Head Carol  A silly tale featuring our favorite Bob-Whites, with a nod to Veggie Tales. A Secret Santa story written especially for Mark; originally posted December 20, 2021.  blue star

button What Are the Odds?  Trixie discovers that odds, despite appearances, are very much in her favour. Written for CWE #22, Even a Villain Needs a Holiday and originally posted December 26, 2020.  blue star

new button Small Acts of Kindness and Love  A Secret Santa story in honour of Jix Angel Erin/Bilbopooh. Erin inspired me in many ways, but none more so than by her innate kindness. Originally posted December 20, 2020.  yellow star

button The Holly King  Sometimes the longest night of the year isn't too long at all. Written for the lovely Lindsay/Reganfan as a Secret Santa giftfic and originally posted December 21, 2019.  yellow star

button The Boxing Day 10k  It's December in Sleepyside, and time for a fundraiser! Trixie grapples with math and running. Written for the lovely McRuth as a Secret Santa giftfic and originally posted December 20, 2019.  blue star

button What Child is This?  Trixie agrees to direct a Christmas pageant. What could possibly go wrong? Written especially for the lovely and talented Ronda as a Secret Santa gift fic, and originally posted December 20, 2017.  yellow star

button Snarky Santa  The young adult Bob-Whites and significant others celebrate Christmas with a Secret Santa gift exchange. Written especially for the lovely Chey, this Secret Santa giftfic was orignally posted in December, 2016.  yellow star

button The Perfect Herald of Joy  Mr. Maypenny has a visitor on Christmas Eve. Written especially for the lovely PatK, this Secret Santa giftfic was written with a nod to Pat's first grandchild and was originally posted December 20, 2015.  blue star

button The Lord of Misrule  It’s the Twelve Days of Christmas, Sleepyside style! Sometimes old traditions can bring new beginnings. Written especially for the lovely Janice as a Secret Santa giftfic, and originally posted in December 2014.  yellow star

button A Country (Girl) Christmas  Prepare to take a trip back in time for a city meets country Christmas. Posted as a Secret Santa giftfic for the lovely Country Girl, December 20, 2013. Caution: There are a few working "next" buttons, so settle back with your Christmas beverage of choice and enjoy!   yellow star

button Picture Perfect  Aunt Alicia loves to knit for her niece and nephews and their families, but Mart and Diana's daughter isn't happy with the color combination of her new Christmas sweater. How can Diana restore peace for the family picture? Originally posted January 3, 2013.   blue star

button A Festive Fruitcake in the Frigidaire  What’s better than a partridge in a pear tree, you ask? Why, a fruitcake in the Frigidaire, of course! Please join Mart as he attempts to escape the torture of eating a cursed fruitcake. A Secret Santa giftfic for the lovely Bonnie, this story was originally posted December 20, 2012.  yellow star

button The Longest Night of the Year  Trixie discovers a special kind of magic on the night of the Winter Solstice. Written as a Secret Santa gift for the lovely Mal, 2011.  yellow star

button Blue Balls  Affectionately dedicated to Kim (archergirl78) and to all the ladies in the gutter *wink*. Mart and his roommate are stuck at college over the holiday. Join him in an adventure with ...well, you know!  yellow star

button The Three Wise Men  What happens when too many males show an interest in the female Bob-Whites? A Christmas pageant, of course! Secret Santa 2010 giftfic for April W.  yellow star

button I'd Like to Hitch a Ride With Santa Claus Bobby Belden is feeling left out when the Bob-Whites desert him for their own Christmas party, but Trixie convinces him he has an important duty—watching for Santa's arrival. What happens when he spies a sleigh outside? I had the honour of writing for the lovely and talented Trish during the 2009 Secret Santa giftfic exchange, and since her version of Bobby is one of my favorites, I couldn't resist showcasing the little imp! blue star

button Suit Up, Boy!  Mr. Maypenny is unable to volunteer as Santa at the hospital. Can the Bob-Whites find a new Santa? Originally posted December 20, 2007.  blue star

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